Story is KEY... 

Story is CULTURE...

Story is COMMUNITY...


We are all bound to places and people as we walk this path called “life”

Our lives have small moments that mean something - that trigger an emotion that we revisit in our minds over and over again.

These moments are what we want to capture and portray in the work we deliver. 

We create “familiarity links” between our audience and spaces that pulls them into the world you’ve created through Architecture.


As first-generation immigrants - we thrive on moments like these, sitting around the table and laughing about how our lives were whilst growing up between two countries.

Listening to our grandparents as they tell us their stories of yesteryear. 

Looking at our past and our future with the beautiful nostalgia of culture and family that live in our minds and hearts. 


Moments and stories like these are worth telling.

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Creative Director 

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